Paul Craddock


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Mongiatti A, Rehren, T, Martinón-Torres M and Cech B forthcoming, ‘Smelting of gold and silver ores in Renaissance Austria’, in A Giumlia-Mair (ed) Archaeometallurgy in Europe II. Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia, Milan.
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Craddock, P. (2021). Spätmittelalteriche bis frühneuzeitliche Edelmetallgewinnung in den Hohen Tauern. Montanarchäologische Forschungen im Bockhartrevier, Gasteiner Tal (Bundesland Salzburg). [Precious metal production in the Middle Ages and early modern times in the Hohe Tau. Historical Metallurgy, 42(1), 69–70. Retrieved from
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