Henry Unglik


Metallographie examination of spherical globules and plates of scale from a 19th century blacksmith shop at Barre Four Corners, Massachussets was undertaken in order to determine the structure of the smithing residues and its implications. Microhardness of various phases was measured and compared with the results obtained by other workers. The general mechanism of formation of smithing residues is discussed. The manner of formation of the globules and plates is addressed in particular. A similarity is noted between the kind of smithing residues formed in the course of forging iron in 19th century North America and in ancient Europe.


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Observations on the structures and formation of microscopic smithing residues from Bixby Blacksmith Shop at Barre Four Corners, Massachussetts, 1824-55. (2022). Historical Metallurgy, 25(2), 92-98. https://hmsjournal.org/index.php/home/article/view/542