María Florencia Becerra [Editor-in-chief]
Florian Téreygeol [Managing Editor]
Thomas Rose [Production Editor]
Berber van der Meulen-van der Veen [Assistant Editor]

Editorial Board
Dr Tom Birch (Moesgaard Museum, Denmark)
Dr David Bourgarit (CNRS-University Paris10, France)
Prof Chris Evans (University of South Wales, UK)
Duncan Hook CChem (British Museum, UK)
Dr Jane Humphris (British Institute in Eastern Africa, UK)
Prof Jianjun Mei (University of Cambridge, UK)
Susan La Niece FSA
Dr Janet Lang CEng MIMMM FSA
Prof Marcos Martinón-Torres (University of Cambridge, UK)
Dr Ignacio Montero Ruiz (Instituto de Historia-CSIC, Madrid, Spain)
Prof Vincent Serneels (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
Dr Alan Williams FSA

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[email protected] (for general enquiries)

Submissions@@HistoricalMetallurgy.org (for enquiries about current submissions)